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A Guide To Electric Bike Maintenance

Now learn to maintain your electric bikes, electric folding bikes, and even electric beach cruisers for smooth and seamless rides! 

Owning an electric bike means you do not have a traditional bike, and you can do it in a handful of days which differs from a conventional vehicle. This bike is lighter, environmentally friendly, and solid. Although it's very distinct and isn't similar to other modes of commute, what matches it with other means of transportation is that it requires consistent upkeeping. Do you want a bike that functions efficiently? Well, then, keep in mind it needs to be treated in a way; it may not be a lot of work and effort, but some top routine tips can get you going! 

Electric Beach Cruisers are a means of commute, but they are still machines and require human power at the end of the day. We have gathered some maintenance interims for different situations for your Electric Beach Cruiser! Some of these tips need to be followed without fail, and others are just some tips you can indulge in for a smoother drive. 

By following this, you ensure regular check ups which are pretty convenient because they take just a chunk of your money. Whereas by disregarding these tips, you'll be at a disadvantage because you may end up spending all together at the end of the day, and that's not what you want! 

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Before Each Ride… 

….Check your bike's bolts!

There isn't anything more bizarre than driving miles away using your electric beach cruiser to find out a significant bolt of your bike is missing or has tumbled off. You can immediately remedy this issue by a multi-apparatus. But keep in mind that slackened bolts may result in causing harm to you, which you simply want to avoid. So to prevent pedaling back home, before leaving, check your electric beach cruiser, ensure the pedals, brakes, cranks, and axles are in place. 

….Check the Pressure of your Tires!

It doesn't matter if you are using thin tires for your bike or thick ones; keep in mind that your ride and its smoothness somewhat depend on the pressure your tires have. To keep the quality of your move consistent and ensure a good ride, prior to each ride, check your weight and then modify the manner, using a style pump or even the floor! 

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After Every Ride…

….Clean Your Bike

After each ride that you take on your electric beach cruiser, you must give it some TLC. The street grime that your bike may have caught on the way, the sweat, the salt from the air at the beach, and even the sand can be a contributing factor in destroying your bike. You keep in mind that salt is pretty bad, and even the sweat that trickles down your clothes onto your bike can result in multiple issues. A quick suggestion to maintain cleanliness and preserve the life of your bike is by wiping down the frame of the bike for maintenance of all its parts and components. 

….Ensure Your Chain is Lubed!

By chance, if your bike has a traditional chain and a transmission system that's variable-ratio, it's essential you lube your chain prior to and after each ride or even after a few days of riding. This act ensures that your lube is absorbed and stays in the chain. It's vital to protect your ride with smoother movements and experience a calming driving experience. Furthermore, don't bother using a lot of lube, and wipe away the excess to avoid the grime and sand sticking on your bike. 

After Every 3 Months:

Wheels: (After Every 500 whiles or approximately three months)

Regardless of your brakes, your wheels need to go through a thorough inspection every 3-5 months to ensure the wheels are true and tensioned accurately. You must check the general hardiness and strength of your wheels by pressing on spokes. If each spike has a relative amount of pressure, you're good to go! 

But by chance, if you do end up discovering that one of them isn't in place and is loose or is extremely tight. You can take your vehicle to the local mechanic or a trusted shop nearby to get it fixed. Spokes are essential, and if they are found loose can end up breaking and even causing a wobble in the rim, which is a potential cause of a problem you want to avoid. Get your wheels adjusted regularly to ensure a smooth and seamless ride! 

Brakes ( 500 miles or approximately every three months) 

Brakes are the most important vital segment of your bikes but are usually disregarded and not cared for. It doesn't matter if you have disc brakes or rim brakes. You need to guarantee that these brakes are effectively balanced and padded on the cushions, so it's pivotal. 

You can get the cushions checked to ensure that they reach the rotor or the rim in the right spot, and don't continuously come in contact with the tire itself. If, due to some reason, you do feel as if your brakes feel lighter and aren't clasping like they normally do, then do not clasp. 

Wait till the switch pulls back onto your finger and comes in contact with the handlebar. These opportunities are ideal for a brake bleeding situation. Instead of looking into the matter yourself, it's best if you leave it to the bike shop in your area. You must take your bike in for a regular check every three months, which can result in excellent drive performance. 

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After 6 Months:

 It's essential that you get the following parts of your bike checked every six months or as soon as your bike has run and crossed the 1500 miles.


After every six months or as soon as the 1500 miles, there is a chance your bike is equipped with suspension, both front and back. So it's important to consider taking your bike in for suspension adjustments at least one time per season. If you leave it unchecked, the muck and the grime solidify and relatively cause harm to the internal operations of the suspension. Have a luxurious experience and an amazing journey, address your suspension and get a routine check-in.

Bearings and Other Moving Parts:

With every approaching riding season, there are some things that are crucial and need to be kept in mind. You need to ensure the majority of your bike's moving parts are adjusted. On the inside of your headset, hubs, and bottom bracket are certain bearings that do not go along with muck and soil. 

That's when the problem arises. These need to be cleaned, lubed properly, and supplanted even if necessary. If these are regularly checked, then your bike will be running smoothly without any issues! Did you know that this may result in improvising the range of your battery too, pretty convenient, isn't it! 

Get rid of those irritating squeaks and screeches of your bike today by the regular upkeep of your bike. Please do not ignore the continuous calls of your bike and get it to check today! 

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Get Out Of Dilemmas With The Right Apparatus!

Intending to maintain your bike, it's essential you need a bevy of tools that can play a role in keeping you out of any future dilemmas. You should have the capacity to fix any bolt, supplant, and air up the tube. Keep reading to find out which tools you'll require! 

  • Extra tube
  • Patching kit
  • Siphon
  • Tire levers
  • A portable pumping device
  • Chain Breakers
  • Multi-Tool with Allen keys of sizes 2-8
  • Spoke wrench
  • T25 Torx driver 


Finally, like a regular bike, your electric beach cruisers and e-bikes require the same amount of maintenance and routine support to ensure smooth running. Multiple conventional bike users assume that electric bikes are loaded with issues that cannot be resolved easily, but this is false; remember to follow the instructions and take appropriate steps that will help keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently. All things considered, remember as long as you keep your bike checked, it will remain proper and run smoothly! Happy riding!