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A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide For Your E-Bikes - Some Key Points to Follow!

Electric Bikes: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide 

If you are a new cyclist and considering the purchase of an electric bike, this guide is useful for you. It provides you with all the necessary information on how to maintain your bike.

Electric bikes are not easy to maintain and require some special tools or skill sets. This can be a challenging task for cyclists who don't have either of these resources. With this guide, they'll find out what they need to understand when it comes to maintenance and what is required in order to keep their bike running smoothly.

No matter if you own an electric bike or if your friend owns one, there will always be times when the battery needs updating or replacing. This is why it is important that cyclists have some basic understanding of how electric bikes function and how they can easily update them at home without having any professional help.

Electric Bike Battery

How Many Times Should You Service Your Electric Bikes and Electric Beach Cruisers?

For those people that own electric bikes, it is important to maintain them. This will ensure that your bike stays in good condition and can be used for longer.

Electric bikes are becoming more popular with time and they are increasingly being used as the first choice of transportation by many people. They also have a lot of advantages over gas-powered bikes such as being cheaper, easier to ride, environmentally friendly etc. However these advantages come at a cost - maintenance. This means it's important for you to ensure your bike is being serviced at the right time.

Electric cycle maintenance is mostly a myth in today's society where most people go by the saying "the more you use it, the better it gets." However, this is not true when we are talking about an electric bike. In fact, extensive use of an electric bicycle can cause wear and tear on its parts.

To keep your electric bicycle running smoothly and effectively for as long as possible, it’s important to service your Electric Beach Cruiser or Electric Bike every 12 months or so. You can take it to a local repairing shop who excel in servicing electric bikes.

 EBike Maintenance

Maintaining Wear & Tear Is Essential in E-Bikes

Electric bikes are cheaper, and they are a good alternative to car ownership. They are also becoming more popular as the price of traditional bikes increases.

Electric bikes have a lot of benefits over other bike types, but they also have drawbacks we need to consider. One of the drawbacks is how fast wear and tear can happen on electric bikes - there is no engine, oil, or filter to change out for instance. We should be aware that most wear and tear happens in the first few years compared to many years on a traditional bike. But this drawback can easily be overcomed if you ensure the wear and tear are checked and are catered to.

With the list of benefits they come with, it's true that a drawback may sound questionable but it can still be cancelled if you take the right care of your e-bikes and electric beach cruisers!

How To Clean Your E-Bikes Easily!

Newly purchased electric bikes can be a bit tricky to clean due to their design and construction. They are made of different materials and require specific cleaning techniques.  But, it is better to start with the easier methods before moving on to the more complex ones.

Not only does cleaning your bikes help you maintain hygiene and avoid bacteria growth in your bike, but it also helps remove dirt and debris from your ride which can increase its lifespan by years.

Let's delve in and take a closer look at how you can wash your electric bikes with ease.

Did you know that the batteries and the motor of an electric bike are sealed, which is why you need to be very careful and avoid letting water go inside. It's important that you understand that whether it's a regular bike or an electric beach cruiser, even an electric bike cannot be washed with a jet wash because it's powerful and can easily force its way in numerous units that are perfectly sealed and harm your electric bike.

Instead you can just wash your electric bikes using a low-pressure hose and even a bucket full of water. A brush can also be quite helpful in cleaning and cutting through dirt to make your bike shiny and good as new.

Prior to cleaning make sure all the system is off meaning your electric bike system is off and not charging and your battery is completely sealed too.

Did you know that even the charging ports easily become a home to grime and a lot of dirt? Check and using a dry brush and cloth you can easily clean out any mud and dirt. But while washing the bike make sure the port is closed.

After you get done with washing, make sure to dry off your wet bike with a clean and dry cloth. Ensure that all the disc brakes are avoided because they may end up contaminating if used anywhere else on the bike.

Alternatively, you can also give your battery contacts a deep clean, this can easily be done with a soft, dry brush, and cloth. A switch lubricant is also helpful in this case, to make your bike's battery tidy. Some bikes have a life-extender and need to be disconnected before cleaning your battery and the connections of the life-extender can be cleaned with a soft and dry brush.

Your electric bike and electric beach cruiser has a speed sensor, which is a magnet attached to its wheel. This needs to be kept clean and tidy too, which is why you can use a soft cloth to avoid any issues and to clean your bike's speed sensor.

Electric Bike Cleaning

5 Tips To Follow When Cleaning Your Bike:

To ensure you clean better, we have assembled 5 tips that ensure your bike is clean and tidy to its fullest. Keep reading!

  • Wash your bicycle with vinegar and water.
  • Lightly apply baking soda on the bicycle frame and roll through the dirt in a circular motion for about 5 seconds before rinsing off with water.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the dirt from the wheels of your bike.
  • Clean up any bits of debris that fall from the tire onto the ground by using a vacuum cleaner or wet rag to remove them..
  • Apply toothpaste on any tight spots in order to loosen them up.
  • Spray some WD40 around the bike and you are good to go!

6 Ways to Increase The Battery Range of Your Electric Bike:

Do you want to increase the battery life of your bike, then by using the tips that we have gathered here for you the maintenance of your battery can now become easy:


  • The cadence is your battery is important and riding under the cadency of 50 revolutions is excellent to use the battery efficiently.
  • Did you know that putting extra weight on your electric bikes puts a load on its battery? This is true! Make sure the weight is less so your battery lasts longer.
  • Ride your bike properly, and instead of using brakes at the last minute and rough biking make sure you ride smoothly for the battery to last longer.
  • It's also very important to manage the pressure on your tires efficiently. This will help balance the grip and the rolling of the tyres will be proper too.
  • Electric Bikes have computers that tell you the amount of battery power you are using up, so it's important that the riding style you adopt requires minimum battery power.
  • Did you know that areas that are colder can do battery damage on your electric bikes? Yes, that's right! Biking in cold temperatures can put a strain on the battery and even result in the reduction of the range. To avoid this, it's favourable to ride bikes during the summers!

Ebike Battery Maintenance

Basics to Remember!

Looking after your electric bikes is important and max out the potential of your electric bikes. Some of the measures can easily help you increase the lifespan of your bikes. Wrapping things up means, giving you a recap on all the basics of electric bikes and their maintenance:

  • Ensure that your bike is clean at all times and the driving train is lucircated properly.
  • Make sure tires are inflated properly to have a good driving experience.
  • When charging your electric bikes, make sure they aren’t fully charged. Instead charge them partially and keep it in a cool place.
  • Regularly check your bike to see if there are any broken parts and bolts left loose, if yes then tighten up to make your biking experience smooth.
  • Use the right charger to battery at all times and keep the software of your bike updated!
  • Never try to fix the battery and electric system of the bike yourself, instead visit the dealership and the right guy will do the job for you!