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Invalidating 13 Myths About Electric Bikes To Help You Make The Perfect Choice

From hearing ‘riding electric bikes are dangerous' to electric bikes aren't reliable, you've probably heard numerous electric bike myths, so many of them are true, but many of them are typically shared by all those critics who aren't familiar with electric bikes at all. 

Are you planning to purchase an electric bike? We recommend you don't let the electric bike haters get to you and decide for yourself after reading the myths that we have gathered to know what's best and what isn't! Keep reading.

Woman Riding Electric Bike on Road

13 Myths You Should Not Believe About Electric Bikes!

Electric Bikes Are Too Fast:

Did you know that almost all electric bikes travel at a speed that's similar to your normal bikes? Yes, that's right! Various class 1 electric bikes have a motor that automatically cuts off after the biker reaches 20 Mph. This speed is the top speed and plays a decent role in making it easy for the rider to bike at a manageable pace. Even on various flat and uphill surfaces, multiple class 1 bikes can easily travel up to an average speed of two or three miles per hour which is comparatively faster than the traditional bikes. According to research, electric bikes are sometimes even slower than regular bikes; it depends on the terrain and power produced, which varies from rider to rider. 

Electric Bikes cause Accidents and Riders are Very Reckless:

Sounds like a myth! Electric bike riders are pretty careful on the road, especially during the day. These people avoid speeding on roads that are crowded in respect of the adults as well as children. 

Man Riding Electric Bike on the Road

Electric Bikes Are Heavy!

This isn't exactly true, yes electric bikes are heavy, but they're similar in weight to traditional bikes. Did you know that the greatest contributor of weight in riding a bike is the rider's weight rather than the weight of the electric bikes? These aren't different from a traditional bike! 

Electric Bikes Access Slippery Slopes And Result in Motorised Access:

The pedal assists found in electric bikes are comparatively different from those found in ATVs and even in off-road motorcycles. The rules for motorized vehicles were written before electric bikes and shouldn’t change the regulation of them. Did you know that electric bikes do not emit harmful chemicals and are also noise-free? Multiple programs are working to ensure electric bikes are different from bicycles and even motorcycles and preserve non-motorized trail access. 

The Future Of Bike Paths Seems A Little Chaotic:

Many people claim that bike paths are said to become a zoo in the future, which isn’t true at all. All the people who own an electric bike are similar to those who use bike paths; these people respect the law like any other normal citizen and are decent to those they’re sharing the public resource with. It doesn’t normally take an electric bike to break the law; you can be using any means of transportation but still may end up breaking the law like a regular bike user. So this myth isn’t true! 

Man Riding E-Bike in Mountains

Electric Bikes Shouldn’t Be Allowed Before Public Processing:

Multiple people believe that electric bikes should be processed further before any final decision regarding their allowance on the road should be made. But why exactly when you needed this when a recent study demonstrated that when people started using electric bikes, their uncertainty around it changed, and they became more adaptive towards it. Rather than going for the traditional bikes, people are willing to go for electric bikes, firstly because of their safe passing and no crashes. Pretty convenient! 

Electric Bikes Are Cheating!

So many people believe electric bikes today are cheating, but that’s not true! Electric bikes lean towards empowering users and should be embraced as they are easy to use by more people. So if you’re someone who’s always been scared to try them, you shouldn’t be because these are pretty convenient. From older riders to people who want to commute longer distances to those dealing with multiple health issues, electric bikes are amazing when making the user experience better. Yes, it may be true that not all people can use it, but for all those who they’d never be able to bike, here’s one for you because you can now become part of the community of bikers even with electric bikes.

Electric Bikes Can Easily Be Bought Under $1000:

It may be possible that you may end up finding an electric bike under $1000, but the real question is, is the electric bike worth it? There is a big chance that it’s not even an electric bike that you’re happily riding every day! You do not want to miss out on a luxury electric bike experience with a knowledgeable customer service experience. With cheaper alternatives, you are just getting no warranty products and bad-quality bikes that may result in damage to you. When it comes to purchasing bikes, you should probably get the good ones out there! Think big, and you’ll receive a good experience that you imagined. 

Electric Bike Fat Tire on the Beach

Electric Bikes Aren’t a Good Workout Source:

This bike myth remains the most constant one throughout. Who said Electric Bikes aren’t a source of working out? The increase in the heart rate and the calories burned are an indication that these bikes are foolproof. These electric bikes give you the opportunity of losing weight without worrying about the dread that comes whenever you think about riding a traditional bike. As an electric bike rider, you can make your lifestyle more healthy by commuting using a bike to your nearest farmers market or even getting your weekly chores done using it. It seems like a good option! 

Electric Bikes Are Quite Expensive:

Do you know that owning an electric bike means you can reap multiple benefits? With a chance of investing in something that comes with so many pros, the price is worth it. Did you know that e-bikes eradicate so many of your annual costs that come when you drive a car, use Uber or other cab services as your means to commute, and even your local subway and public transport? They may seem like a small amount but end up becoming an accumulated amount that you spent throughout the year. It is true that electric bikes do require maintenance and need to be managed fully, but the cost cuts are pretty decent too. So why not go for an electric bike that will provide you with amazing returns on investment instead of paying a large amount on public transport. Make the switch today, and thank us later! 

Massive Range Anxiety Is Useless: 

No, that’s not true at all! Having range anxiety is certainly true, and you must have a bike that can take you to and fro long distances, the reason why you need to invest in a good electric bike. The question is, how far can you go with your electric bike? The electric bike you’re planning to invest in should have excellent battery life and a good sizeable battery. Trust us; you do not want to be riding a bike that comes 70lbs of battery life because that means pedaling out of the area and all the way home, which itself seems like a lot of hassle. It’s important to have a EBYKE bike that has a 48V lithium battery that can last you for hours and has a smart charger, too, in case of emergency. Pretty cool, isn’t it! 

Electric Bikers Can’t be Ticketed:

This statement itself is false; any electric bike user can easily be stopped and ticketed. Radar guns are used for traditional speeding bikers and e-bikers if they go over the mentioned speed limit. Furthermore, to date, there hasn’t been a complaint of any electric bikers speeding and going over the speed limit! So you’re in safe hands because this is a false statement! 

Electric Bikers Have No Idea About Trail Etiquettes:

They sure do! Most of the bikers using electric bikes have years of trial experience. The electric bikes are generally mature and avoid reaching the maximum speed limits and pass whenever they see an indication by a fellow biker. 

Couple Riding E-Bikes through the Park


Using electric bikes is convenient because you can go above and beyond with just a small amount of investment. These bikes are for sure life-changing! Just for the record, these electric bikes aren’t very expensive, aren’t very threatening, and are convenient too! 

These bikes can easily help you commute on your weekdays after a long day of being stuck in the heavy city traffic or on weekends to the nearest market. Add these in your daily lives as a good environmentally friendly option and move towards a lifestyle change that’s money-saving and can fuel your adventures. 

Join the journey and enjoy pedaling with multiple other electric bikers today!